Kashmir is the most popular tourist attraction in India. Thousands of tourists every year visiting Kashmir and having the delightful tour experience. These are many things are available for tourist in Kashmir. These are different types of tour options are present, as example people can experience he culture and traditions of Kashmir on a cultural tour of Kashmir, in which they able to explore different traditions, cultures, religion events and many more. Also people visit the fabulous locations, the hills, forest and other natural artistic land marks.

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Himachal or Himachal Pradesh is a very beautiful state located in northern part of the country India. This state is situated on the feet of Himalaya, the literal meaning of the name Himachal Pradesh is “In the lap of Himalayas”. This place is very popular in all over the globe because of its natural beauty; the heart touching sceneries here attracts millions of visitors from different foreign countries. Most popular and important tourist destination in Himachal is Shimla.

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India is a country of natural beauties; here thousands of naturally beautiful places are present those attracts peoples heart, anyone can feel awesome in India mostly at Tribal Areas. The Tribal Areas of India are peaceful and very beautiful; mainly these are surrounded by forest and hills, and nearer to the rivers.    

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Among all other states of the country India, Rajasthan has an unique place, the culture, traditions, art, rituals and people are very unique at this place, here very beautiful natural places are present those attracts tourist attraction along with that the fine quality art of peoples of Rajasthan brings tourists attraction towards them. The beautiful structures made by kings and rich peoples i.e. the architecture of buildings and places made by Rajasthani master workers attracts tourist.

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Do you ever visit Kerala? Do you like this place, or did you know Kerala properly, let’s have a look on Kerala.

Kerala is a very popular tourist location in South India, this state is located on the tropical Malabar Coast of South India, and it is very demanding tourist destinations in India. Not only Indian tourist also the foreign tourist very much like Tours in Kerala. So every year thousands of tourists from different parts of the country India and from other countries throughout the globe coming to visit Kerala in different seasons of the year, throughout the year on every season these are always tourists were filled.

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Rajasthan is one of the big states located in the country India, her in this place many types of Tribal Communities are leaving. The Tribal People of Rajasthan are very popular among tourist those visit Rajasthan because of their folk cultural dance and song, along with that they are also well known for their handicrafts.

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Rajasthan is a big and popular place in India, this state is also known as “The Land of Kings”. It is an ancient kingdom, during ancient days many powerful kings ruled over here and made this place rich and glorious. Today also many beautiful palaces are buildings are present in Rajasthan those are the proof of the power and reputation of kings of Rajasthan. Also it explains the talents of old architectures of India of those days.
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